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Dunsley Yorkshire Wood Burning Boiler Stove


Dunsley Yorkshire Wood Burning Boiler Stove

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The Dunsley Yorkshire Woodburning Boiler Stove has a built in thermostat which automatically monitors central heating temperature and controls the incoming air to regulate how fiercely the fire burns to meet the central heating requirements. It works on its own without any electrical connections. However electricity is required to operate the circulating pump or other electrical equipment such as time clocks, room stats etc which are fitted onto the heating system to turn the fire up in the morning, and down at night (even regulates itself to compensate for changes in the weather).


  • 4.5kW output to room 
  • 9.2kW output to water (31000Btu)
  • Clean combustion and airwash air supply means a really clear view of the flames
  • Approved to burn in smoke control areas
  • Just one control, (turn it up and goes up and turn it down and goes down)
  • Heats approx 5-6 standard single radiators


  • Black, chrome or brass handles
  • Trivet
  • Griddle
  • Outside Air Kit

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Additional Information

SKU 2312
Fuel Type Woodburning
Heat Output (kW) 10kW
Stove Body Material Steel
Manufacturer Dunsley
Width 595mm (23.43")
Height 715mm (28.15")
Depth 450mm (17.72")
Flue Size 150mm (6")
Flue Options Top
Weight (kg) 198

Stove Warranty Details
Manufacturer warranties do not usually include parts deemed to be replaceable in the normal usage of the stove, such as stove glass, door rope seal and fire brick linings. Your warranty may be invalidated by incorrect installation or use of the stove.